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XBOX Name theCorbinator - (Show information about this player)
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Hosted Server? 100 Mbit 24/7 online
Server map Ragnarok
Daily availability 247
Players Max. 50 players
Taming-Value 20-times
Breeding-Value 25-times
XP-Value 10-times
Harvesting-Value 20-times
Password protected?
Upload speed 50 Mbit or above
Category PVP-Server
Server Owner corbin taylor
Votes 0
Hits 3932
Country United States US


The ARK Life

****ALL SERVERS FRESHLY WIPED(30/03/18)*****

servername - "thearklife"


How to find us:

1.) Join us on discord : https://discord.gg/u6kVN4n

2.) Change search filter to "unofficial PC sessions" 

3.) Type in "thearklife" into the search bar

4.) Choose your map and click join


  • thearklife-rag (CrossARK) 32 Slots

  • thearklife-center (CrossARK) 32 Slots

  • thearklife-ab (CrossARK) 32 Slots

  • thearklife-island(CrossARK) 32 slots

  • thearklife-scorched(CrossARK) 20 Slots

  • Open transfers to aberration - All dinos including flyers allowed!


    ORP Is on mon-fri and off for the weekend

    No Griefing :- Griefing players is not the same as PvP. If you are preventing a player from playing the game, then you are Griefing. This includes (but is not limited to) a tribe’s repeated raids on the same players/tribe, or weak/new tribes, preventing players/tribes from rebuilding, keeping a player locked in a cage for a long period. 
    All Griefing Complaints are handled case-by-case because there is a very fine line between what is considered normal PVP and what is considered Griefing.

     No Bug Abuse :- Bug Abuse is not tolerated this includes(but is not limited to) undermapping,glitching Into someone’s base, sleeping bag glitch. if you are caught abusing ANY bug you will be wiped.
    (Certain Rule’s have Immediate Consequences)

    No Starters (Drops are to help you)

    Server Settings


    Dinos Max Wild Levels: 330

    Max Player Level : 216

    Offline Raid Protection : Enabled Mon-Fri (Off for weekends)

    XP: 20x

    Taming: 20x

    Harvest Amount: 10x

    Spoil Time: 2.0x

    Egg Hatch Speed: 20x

    Baby Mature Speed: 30x

    Mating Interval: 0.04x

    ForceStructuresLocking: Allowed

    Player Stamina Drain: 0.03x

    Dino Stamina Drain: 0.03x

    Player Food Drain: 0.03x

    Player Water Drain: 0.03x

    Fuel Drain: 3.0x

    Crop Decay Speed: 0.2x

    Crop Growth Speed: 10x

    Resource Respawn: 0.5x

    Turret Damage: 10x(This makes raiding tougher - but not impossible)

    Supply Crate Loot: 1.5x

    Anyone Can Imprint: Allowed

    Unlimited Respecs (Mind Wipes): Allowed

    Disable Structure Placement Collision: Allowed

    Floating Damage Numbers: Allowed

    Raid Dino Feeding: Allowed

    Flyers In Caves: Allowed

    AberrationFlyers: Allowed

    Fog: Disabled

    Player/Dino Stats


    Max Player Level : 216

    Weight High Boosted But Not Infinite

    Dino Health Slight Boosted

    Oxygen High Boosted

    Flyer Speed Boosted

    Custom Drops


    White: Kibble of all kinds not just imprint kibble

    Green: Flak and Metal Tools and Aberration Utilitys (Apprentice - Journeyman)

    Blue: Stews, Medbrews and Sweet Vegetable Cakes

    Purple: Industrial Crafting Stations & Boss Trophies (Thylo Claws, Spino Sails)

    Yellow: Flak Gear, and Tools and Aberration Ultilitys High Tier and Weapons (Longnecks, Swords, Double Barrel Shotgun, Simple Pistol) (Mastercraft - Ascendant)

    Red: Riot High Tier and Weapons (Fab Snipers, Compound Bows, Pump Shotgun, Fab Pistol) and Saddles (Squid, Mosa, Rex, Allosaurus, Giga) (Journeyman - Ascendant)

    Other Details


    Very Community Driven - Server polls on changes/additions in discord regularly 

    Friendly Admins 

    Friendly Community 

    Custom written discord bot that  connects to the servers!

    GT Of Owner : theCorbinator




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