NebraskARK Cluster - Rag/Island/Ab PvPVE

XBOX Name NebraskARK - (Show information about this player)
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Hosted Server? 100 Mbit 24/7 online
Server map Ragnarok
Daily availability 247
Players Max. 20 players
Taming-Value 3-times
Breeding-Value 3-times
XP-Value 1-times
Harvesting-Value 1-times
Password protected?
Upload speed 50 Mbit or above
Category PVP-Server
Server Owner Nathan Kalk
Votes 0
Hits 1122
Country United States US


NebraskARK PVE
3 Server Cluster - Ragnarok, Island, and Aberration


Destiny RAID inspired boss loot system
All bosses drop higher quality tek gear based on difficulty! (see loot table below)

Custom supply drops
White beacons - Starter packs (Every beacon contains hide armor, metal tools, and small wooden base)
Purple beacons - Imprint kibble, Ramshackle - Apprentice gear, saddles, weapons, etc., and up to 2 element
Yellow beacons - Apprentice - Journeyman gear, saddles, and weapons. Up to 5 element!
Red beacons - Mastercraft - Ascendant gear, saddles, and weapons. Up to 10 element!
All beacons also have a chance to drop rare raw materials, and blueprints for EVERY item in the game!

Admin raid bases, tek dino hunts, hidden chests throughout the map!

We are NOT a boosted server, we believe that keeping rates reasonable will keep our player retention high. We think we have found the sweet spot when it comes to long term play! (A lot of us have been playing on this server for over a year)

Server Rates & Rules (PLEASE READ before playing)
This is a PVE server, set to PVP - There is a zero tolerance policy for attacking other players and their things.
XP Multiplier – 1.5x
Harvest – 1.25x
Taming – 3x
Breed/Mature – 3x
Fuel Consumption - 40x (gas, tek element last FOREVER)
(We also have a few VERY slight boosts to a few animal and player stats(Weight and Speed))

Here is a brief summary on how to join.
1. Click "Join Ark"
2. Select "All Maps, sort by name, and All game modes"
3. Uncheck "Show password protected" and set session filter to "Unofficial PC Sessions"
4. Scroll down and find "[US] NebraskARK, [US] Nebraskark_dlc, or [US] NebraskARK_Island"
5. You can also type "Nebr" In the search box!

Final Thoughts
We have a VERY active discord, where we post about events, rate changes, trading, etc. I would HIGHLY recommend that you download the free app and join us!
You can also add “NebraskARK” on xbox live, and join our club!




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