NebraskARK Cluster - Rag/Island/Ab PvPVE

XBOX Name NebraskARK - (Show information about this player)
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Hosted Server? 100 Mbit 24/7 online
Server map Ragnarok
Daily availability 247
Players Max. 20 players
Taming-Value 3-times
Breeding-Value 3-times
XP-Value 1-times
Harvesting-Value 1-times
Password protected?
Upload speed 50 Mbit or above
Category PVP-Server
Server Owner Nathan Kalk
Votes 43
Hits 281
Country United States US


NebraskARK - 24/7 PvPvE Server

Admin GT: Kalkasaurus & HomelessJunkie1

Current Map: The Ragnorok/Island/Aberration Cluster

Important - This is a mix of PvE and PVP. Base raiding and passive kills are strictly forbidden, but you can attack people out in the wild if you wish. Just remember, PVP is not meant to be the main focus on this server. Keep that in mind before joining. (We do have admin raid bases, with loot!)

Registration is currently OPEN (Taking 10 new member, must be 18 years or older. )


We want active players who will stick around for months, not a few days and then leave all their structures laying around. We have been running servers since Xbox launch and are very fair, don't use admin commands, and make sure rules are followed.

XP Multiplier – 1.5x
Harvest – 1.25x
Taming – 3x
Breed/Mature – 3x
Night Length - .5x
(We also have a few VERY slight boosts to a few animal and player stats(Weight and Speed))

PVP Guidelines:

• NO Base raiding, or killing passive tames
• PVP in the wild is allowed, when you leave your base be prepared for the possibility of a fight.
• Events will be organized by admins regularly, with prizes.

Building Guidelines:

• Do not block cave entrances, and avoid building bases in caves that contain artifacts.
• Do not place random pillars, or foundations around the map. Clean up after yourself, demolish traps and structures no longer being used.
• The map is very large, use common sense when building near other tribes.

How to join:

If this sounds like a place you would like to make your new permanent ARK home, there are a few ways to join! You MUST do one of the following to get the password to join!


We have a very active discord chat. If you don't have the app, I would recommend it!
Xbox Message - Add "nebraskARK" and send me a message!

New players to ARK are absolutely welcome, and if you have friends that play that is awesome too! The more tribes the better! If you need anything in game to help start out. You can ask the admin tribe “The Night’s Watch of NE”. We are very friendly and always willing to help!




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