[US] Arkaholics LA 24/7 PVP Brand New! x3 Xp x4Taming x6 Harvest

XBOX Name [US]ArkaholicsLA - (Show information about this player)
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Hosted Server? 100 Mbit 24/7 online
Server map Aberration
Daily availability 247
Players Max. 20 players
Taming-Value 4-times
Breeding-Value 1-times
XP-Value 3-times
Harvesting-Value 6-times
Password protected?
Upload speed 50 Mbit or above
Category PVP-Server
Server Owner James Martinez
Votes 50
Hits 4785
Country United States US


Hello i'm running a 24/7 PVP brand new Aberration server through Nitrado. All stats and rules are below. If you have any questions at all feel free to message my main account: TwoStomachKoopa or my brothers account: Vz x Damage

To join click Join Ark in the menu then at the bottom where is says session filter select Unofficial PC Sessions then search the server which is Arkaholics then select the map as Aberration and change it from pve to pvp and will say [US] Arkaholics LA 24/7

20 Slots for right now will be raising it as soon as more people join

Events almost every Sunday with huge rewards! There is an Ark store that sells various items and dinos as well as other services such as dino painting and skins. Currency will be hair so start saving up! You also win hair from events :)

There will be a 1200 hair payday every Sunday 1 per tribe. I will only be giving it out that day, so make sure you're on

I also placed 10 chests around the map containing good loot! if you find one let me know and i'll cross it off the list. Please let me know before you open it.

Creating bases anyone can raid. If successful there will be a huge reward inside well worth it! However there will be a time limit (usually 24 hrs.) and only 1 tribe at a time can raid the base.

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Boosted Stats:
XP: 3x

Tame Speed: 4x

Harvest Amount : 6x

Harvest Health: 2.05x

Harvest Respawn Period: 0.7x

Floating Damage Text: On

Crosshair: On

Boosted Player Stats:
Stamina: 2.4x

Food: 3x

Water: 3x

Weight: 3x

Fortitude: 5x

Boosted Dino Stats:
Weight: 5x

Stamina: 2.5x

Speed: 2.05x

Boosted Breeding Stats:
Mating Interval: 1x

Egg Hatch Speed: 50x

Baby Mature Speed: 8x

Baby Food Consumption Speed: 0.5x

Baby Cuddle Grace Period Multiplier: 50x

1. No raiding tribe named "Umbrella Corporation" Since he runs the store.

2. No Trolling/Griefing anyone.

3. No wiping allowed, no reason to destroy all their structures and kill all dinos.

4. No bullying new players

5. No killing passive dinos (Resource dinos such as Beavers, Ankylos, Parasuar, Frogs, etc..) unless they attack you first (Brontos, Stegos, and Tutles are ok to kill)

If you see anyone breaking any of the rules please record it and message me EVEN IF IT'S AN ADMIN OR MODERATOR. i will not side with them.

There is currently one player that has admin control my brother (He will be running the store) and two moderators that let me know what happens through out the day.

This is a friendly server and we all want to enjoy the game so PVP is encouraged. If you see anyone breaking a rule please record it and send it to me and i will view it ASAP.



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